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No two ways about it, Truckee is a mountain town. Once a raucous logging burg, Truckee is now the central gateway to the North Shore of Tahoe. Truckee boasts many shopping and dining venues, yet remains steadfastly independent minded. In the winter of 1846, the ill-fated Donner Party holed up a few miles from the heart of town at the lake now bearing their name. Today Donner Summit is where rock climbers navigate the rock faces in their upwardly vertical journey. Several ski resorts, three Sierra Club huts and the Pacific Crest Trail are nearby.
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north shore

This stretch of North Lake Tahoe wrote the book on mellow kick back. It's easy to lose track of time while wandering through the hip shops, restaurants and side-street vendors. Plus, a host of human characters give the area an indescribable savoir cool. A wonderful recreational setting, North Lake Tahoe boasts several stretches of sun-drenched sand along Tahoe Vista Recreational Area and the downtown public beach in Kings Beach. Hwy. 267 spills into Hwy. 28 here, too, presenting skiers/boarders lots of options to the North Shore's Big 12 Lake Tahoe ski resorts.
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west shore

The string of smaller communities and state parks along Hwy. 89 is collectively known as the West Shore. There is so much to see and do on Lake Tahoe's West Shore, it's difficult to call out any one thing, much less 7 or 8 things. This side of the lake attracted the Washoe Indians, Lake Tahoe's earliest residents reportedly 9,000 years ago. Several years later, gold rush miners came to relax. In fact, Chambers Landing, est. 1875, is the region's oldest bar and is still bustling today.
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